Hotels Are Missing BX Opportunities.

The unique brand experience remains paramount in the luxury hotel industry and seamless interactions reign supreme.


Hotels that fail to deliver at any of the post-booking pre-stay phase are leaving themselves open to the competition.


The travel industry is highly competitive and without innovative approaches many hotels are falling flat, unable to communicate a unique image and an ambitious edge.


A report conducted by TrustYou highlighted the missed opportunities by Hotel’s in areas of upselling and ancillary revenue.


As shown on the chart referencing received communications, 8 out of 10 guests were given booking confirmation.



However, almost alarmingly this declined rapidly when it came to getting any real information regarding destination, property and activity information.


Clearly missing an opportunity to inspire guests to experience all that the hotel has to offer; food, beverage, entertainment and attractions.


The report also communicated that hotels who engage guests  through “messaging” receive see higher levels of customer satisfaction, citing the most frequently used apps as being SMS (57%), Facebook Messenger (36%) and iMessage (25%).


Trust You’s report shows a common trend throughout the hotel industry, the need for further communication leading up to arrival and customers preference for communication conducted digital through messaging services.


Conveniently the introduction of Messenger Bots serves to magically solve these very problem faced by Hotel’s.


Providing an opportunity to create a two-way conversation, Bot’s allow Hotels to send customers important information, which can be established to tailor towards destination, property and activity news.


If done correctly, Messenger Bots can deliver this in a conversational and unobtrusive manner, guiding customers towards an enjoyable experience.


When factoring in the introduction of Bots to the Travel Industry another key point of importance, is Customer’s desire to move away from actual conversation, to conversations that are performed digitally - of which is the very essence of a Messenger Bot.


The Travel Industry is desperately calling for an innovation, an idea that will transform the outdated way in which the industry currently operates. Fresh new approaches don’t last long and are quickly swallowed by the masses losing the unique and competitive edge, stay ahead of the game and establish your hotel as absolute.


Innovation is an art form and BX is paramount.