Hotels + Social E(x)perience + Social Care

Customer service has always been a challenge for service based industry, in particularly travel as customers invest far more emotion and expectation than that of a typical transaction.


The evolution of social media is set to revolutionise the travel industry.

Creating a new demand for fast paced service at the click of a button, raising brands accountability to around the clock, available to customers at any time.

Technology has created a deeper engagement in which customer loyalty and customer care has grown rapidly, exploring the realms of deeper engagement.

The concept of social care address an issue that previously customer services was below par.

The nature of customer service in the travel industry is that ultimately people do not have time to wait, they are usually after quick, accessible resolutions.

Travelling is an already stressful process and customers just don’t have the time or patience to be dealing with unsatisfactory customer service, and they shouldn’t have too.

We are in the digital age and there are many clear solutions to the concerns surrounding social care, with the most fitting being messenger bots.

A process that automates a process whilst combining it with the interactive, human approach of social media - a messenger bot allows owners to deliver quick, conversational messages addressing any customer concerns.

Delayed response times are no longer accepted and easily avoided through automation, you tell the bot what to do and it delivers the message to anyone at anytime - avoiding the inconsistency of human error and allowing for a two way conversation.

Not only are messenger bots the answer to growing concerns surrounding social care but they serve to heighten one’s social experience.

Customers are looking for brands who are provide both a unique and convenient service - set apart from that offered by competitors.

Messenger Bots are extremely new, only being introduced mid 2016 and many brands are yet to approach this amazing opportunity and the ones that aren’t doing this to the best of a bots ability.

Making the traveller’s journey enjoyable should be the main goal of anyone working in the travel industry.

Through the use of a Bot, a customer can potentially access:

  • Concierge services: after hours assistants, room service, housekeeping.
  • Restaurants: menus, reservations, opening hours.
  • Hotel Facilities: availability, information
  • Exploring: both inside and outside the hotel, special offers and promotions

The possibilities are endless.

With great power comes great responsibility and the introduction of Messenger Bots calls for new innovative ideas - where bots are there to be an extension of your brand and not a tool to spam offers.