Every Hotel Needs a Bot, Now.

Not an app. A bot. Here’s why.

Technology is moving at lightning speed with trends are evolving faster than ever.

Travelling is at an all time high, with this only set to exceed matching the number of guests exposed to technological advancements each day.

The phrase, ‘Isn’t there an app for that” has now been replaced with “Isn’t there a bot for that?”


Preface: I am not here to talk about building a booking bot, although this is the end goal for many bots and it totally achievable,  I'll leave that to the travel titian big guns to fight that out.

I'm here to talk about a simple, seamless, guest expectation exceeding tool.

Bots have amazing abilities:  

  • Bots can greet guests in their natural habitat - Facebook Messenger.
  • Bots can provide basic hotel information at the tap of a button.
  • Bots can suggest hotel restaurants and other local attractions.

Bots can free up the concierge and front desk time allowing them to deliver a better personal service, catering to those who prefer the use of technology to receive information quickly and efficiently.

Information such as:

  • Hotel location
  • Guest greetings message
  • Add local places
  • Add hotel offers

Bots are here to stay.

Bots are not apps. They are not a fad.  

And like most technology breakthroughs those who adopt early reap the rewards.

Bots do not have to be complex (they can be), they just need to be well thought out, personal seamless, savvy and simple.

All of which can be achieved with meticulous planning and a Customer Experience (CX) designer.