Established in 2016 by Founder and CEO Chantel Carnes, Coco/Agency is a privately-held, leading Digital Agency with a portfolio brands that span across Social Media Advertising, Education and Growth Services. 

Already a leaders in Digital World, Coco/Agency has grown phenomenally in the past year. 

We choose our brands and partnerships with our clients based on our core values - formed by our industry expertise, life experience, experimental mindset and our interpretation of the digital world.

We formulate new thinking by analysing and anticipating the desired outcomes for our clients; forge strategic alliances with the world most elite designers, writers, analysts and taste - makers. 

We are always looking to expand our brand nationally and internationally. 

  Founder, Director. 

Founder, Director. 


Open Positions

Facebook Ads Strategist 

Facebook Ads Specialist

We're looking for a skilled Facebook Ads Strategist to join the ranks at Coco/Agency. 

Someone that has been around the block with Facebook Ads more than they can count - who understands the pain of stalled ads, campaign scaling, and pixel testing but gets a kick out of cracking lower cost per conversions, higher click through rates and hacking ad set optimizations.



  • Have 12 months Experience with Facebook ads
  • Understand PowerEditor and Business Manager in and outs constantly keeping themselves on top of the latest changes and updates with Facebook 
  • Must follow Jon Loomer!



We're looking for a savvy, enthusiastic individual who is eager to learn all things related to social media marketing. 

Our internship provides an insight into the fast paced digital exploring the world of facebook, instagram, targeting and copywriting. 

Interns will walk away with an in depth knowledge of the industry and a new outlook on social media presence. 



  • open mind
  • attitude
  • creative flare 


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